Boat shed near Hamburg

Renovation of old buildings with heating strips from Energy-com

A boat shed near Hamburg was able to be energetically treated with our baseboard heating strips.

As energetic or thermal renovation are modernization measures in buildings that contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption.
The focus is often on heating, but hot water generation and building ventilation are also taken into account. Politics and business, but also consumers themselves, have been increasingly addressing the issues of climate change and environmental protection, the interaction between energy sources, energy production and energy consumption, as well as rising market and consumer prices in recent years.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly coming into focus and are making energy-efficient renovation a much-discussed topic where the best possible solution must be found for the environment, people and buildings.
Anyone who wants to renovate a building's energy efficiency or is legally obliged to do so under the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) 2014 has various options for putting this project into practice.

With our innovative heating system in the form of base heating strips, we at Energy-com offer you an option for energy-efficient renovation where you can take advantage of the advantages of radiant heat.

Key data

Product name : ECHL-3L

Product Colour: RAL 9010 pure white

object : A private boat shed

date / completion: Septembre 2023