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No matter whether it is a residential property, a commercial building, a church, a sports hall or a public building: thanks to various designs with a wide range of accessories, heating strips are a flexible heating alternative that can be installed in almost every room and building can be.

Base heating strips can be taken into account when planning a new building or during energetic renovation or renovation work in the old building can be installed subsequently.

For bathrooms, toilets and other damp rooms, the skirting board heating can make an effective contribution to combating mold and high humidity; in stairwells or rooms with special structural features, individual modules enable precise adaptation to the room. Of course, Energy-com heating strips are also suitable for sports halls, halls and public buildings to ensure economical and even heating.
The use of our base heating strips has also proven itself in a church renovation. And holiday apartments and caravans can be converted to an energy-efficient heating system with little effort thanks to the flexible heating strips.

The plaster-like installation is possible. The strip can also be installed in the base area of ​​the furniture. It doesn't take up any space under the window. In the area of ​​high window fronts in front of balconies or terraces, it is a particularly attractive solution to prevent condensation from forming on the panes. A floor heating strip is available for floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors and is installed flush with the floor.

Please take a look at our explanatory references if you would like to convince yourself of the diverse possible uses of our baseboard heating strips.