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Important information at a glance

What are skirting board heaters?

Skirting heaters from Energy-com are THE answer where there are questions about alternative heating systems. The doors will open for energy-efficient, eco-friendly heating, a healthy indoor climate, and reduced energy costs. Whether the heating is intended for your home, a commercial property or public facility – the attractive skirting heaters by Energy-com can be used in a wide variety of locations, can be powered using a range of energy sources, and are quick and easy to install, or retrofit.

Benefits at a glance

  • Energy-efficient & eco-friendly
  • Energy savings & lowered heating costs
  • Healthy & cosy indoor climate thanks to radiant heat
  • Flexible uses, flexible operation
  • Quick & easy to install (or retrofit)
  • Space-saving & attractive

The principle

Find out more about the principles behind skirting heaters and how they work.


The advantages

Read more about the countless advantages offered by skirting board heating.


A comparison

How do skirting board heaters compare with other types of heating? Let’s find out!


Technology & performance

Find out more about the performance data, volume flows, pressure loss and other key data.


Our range

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Quality made in Germany

Trademarked & certified skirting heaters

Certification of Energy-com skirting heaters was performed by MPA Stuttgart (University of Stuttgart material verification institute) and the HLK Stuttgart institute. They were also tested for resilience against strikes from balls in sporting facilities according to DIN 18032 Part 3. In addition, Energy-com skirting heaters correspond to the requirements of GUV – SR 52 for kindergartens, schools and public facilities.