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About us

Energy-com – about us

We at Energy-com are your competent contact when it comes to alternative heating systems that meet the different heating requirements. Our heating strips combine a wide range of advantages from energy efficiency to health aspects to aesthetics.

Our company supports you in implementing your plan to heat in a more energy-efficient, healthier and, above all, cheaper way and offers you the Energy-com baseboard heating strips are the optimal solution for this.

Ideengeber Schrapper und Kollege

Who we are

Innovative Heating Systems – Energy-com

Franz-Josef Schrapper is the head behind Energy-com.
With his many years of experience as a heating engineer, he laid the foundation for our company in 2007, which is dedicated body and soul to innovative heating systems for baseboard heating strips.

As a heating engineer, Schrapper knows the advantages and disadvantages of different types of heating and has taken advantage of the positive properties of radiant heat to enrich the heating market with an innovation.
He further developed the idea of ​​the heating strip, with which there were first attempts in Germany in the 1970s, had it protected as a utility model and today, together with his son Hannes Schrapper, he strives to further develop the Energy-com heating system to improve and firmly establish.

Heating strips made in Germany

Much has changed in the market since founding the company and applying for trademark protection, including changes in customer needs and developments within Energy-com itself.
Our product portfolio has since been expanded to include a wide range of skirting heater models to ensure we can always provide the optimum solution for any individual application.
Our skirting heaters are all made in Germany to ensure we can provide a long-lasting, reliable heating system. Our many years of experience in heating technology combined with Made-in-Germany quality will ensure your Energy-com skirting heaters provide you with efficient, environmentally-sound, healthy and cosy warmth for many years to come.

Our approach


Energy efficiency is a key concern for many consumers and not just for reasons of cost. Of course, alternative heating systems are primarily of interest since they can reduce heating costs and expenditure, but environmental protection, avoiding waste of resources and sustainability are important aspects that are taken very seriously by consumers and our company. Sustainable heating is essential in our eyes. We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and coming generations and have thus specialised in developing innovative heating systems that line up with our thoughts on sustainability.